Some biographical details here.


Not Here Yet

You managed to come back to my old blog, but I am not updating it just yet. I hope to be writing more technical posts again soon as my schedule permits.

I am social too

Looking to interact with me? Find me on Twitter as @sh4t or lurking around Facebook, but I will not accept friend requests from individuals I do not know.

What happened to the old site and the old, old site?

The old was a wonderful place for my thoughts to be journaled and to share technical opinions, but it was too much. For example, I was receiving attacks all day long and I just got exhausted from spending my days writing mod_security rules. However, I still have the content and plan on migrating it here at some point.

I will not be moving comments, track back links, or the same functionality back. I do anticipate bringing back my CSRF/XSS cheat sheets as they were extremely popular. I will leave out the OPed articles about numerous companies that got me snail mail letters, threats, phone calls and lots of hate messages.

"It is easier to prevent than repair." - Justin Shattuck

That is true, but man it can be a pain..

Check back soon as I intend to begin posting some useful content for you.